SAC Update Fall 2013

Maya Dorje ’15 & Irfan Mahmud ’16

The fall semester saw the largest Harvard Foundation Student Advisory Committee in its history with over 80 cultural and racial organizations represented. Additionally, by the end of the semester, six additional organizations were voted into the SAC, including the Harvard Undergraduate Brazilian Association, Harvard College Iranian Association, Harvard College Canadian Club, Harvard College Students for Bangladesh, Harvard Italian-American Students Association, and Harvard Dis-Orient Players.

The semester started with a successful social event in the Barker Center Thompson Room, during which SAC Representatives were able to mingle and discuss their upcoming plans for the semester and the events they were working on.

Each of the monthly SAC/FAC meetings went well. The guests included Dean Dingman, Dean of Freshmen, Paul Barreira, Director of UHS, and Tara Raghuveer, Undergraduate Council President. The November meeting was held in the Office of Career Services, and SAC Representatives were able to learn about diversity in post-graduation opportunities.

The fall SAC grant cycle ran smoothly. Although the 51 SAC groups that applied for grants had requested a cumulative total of $55,000, the Harvard Foundation was able to support them with $25,000, which supported over 200 events and other programming related to the mission of the Harvard Foundation. The average award to a group was $490.

This semester, Harvard Foundation interns and the SAC board reinstated the SAC Liaison program in which each intern is responsible for five to seven SAC groups. These interns become the point of contact between the Harvard Foundation and each SAC Organization. The purpose of the liaison is foster collaboration, promote cultural dialogue on campus, and facilitate event planning and logistics.

Overall, we have made many strides to our initial goal of cohesion between the Student Advisory Committee and the Harvard Foundation. We look forward to continuing our work next semester and furthering the mission of the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations. It has been an honor to serve as Co-Chairs this semester.