In 1981, the President and Deans of Harvard University established the Harvard Foundation, an intercultural agency. Its purpose is to improve intercultural understanding through scholarly programs and cultural celebrations, and to recognize the contributions of both national and international figures whose works and deeds have served to improve the quality of our collective life.



The formation of the Harvard Foundation was recommended to the President and Deans by a faculty/student advisory committee. The Foundation is governed by the Harvard Foundation Advisory Committee. The Committee, composed of faculty, administrators and elected students, works with the Director in guiding the Foundation to its goals. Several distinguished faculty members serve on the Advisory Board of the Harvard Foundation. The Student Advisory Committee to the Harvard Foundation is made up of student leaders of all cultural and racial backgrounds who are elected to their positions. President Derek C. Bok appointed S. Allen Counter, D.M.Sc., Ph.D., to serve as Director of the Harvard Foundation.