The Harvard Foundation incorporates two adjunct committees, the Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) and the Student Advisory Committee (SAC), to consult with regards to issues that are affecting both the professional and student lives on campus.

The FAC is currently composed of 20 members of Harvard University's faculty whose appointments are wide and varied in their range. These FAC members offer advice and guidance to the Harvard Foundation and students alike. The current chairman of the FAC is Dr. William Gelbart.

The SAC is currently composed of 62 member organizations, each representing a distinct cultural group on campus. The SAC organizations receive grants from the Harvard Foundation in order to organize cultural events and also offer their own input on the work the Harvard Foundation does for the Harvard community. The current co-chairs of the SAC are Maya Dorje '15 and Irfan Mahmud '16.

Both the SAC and FAC meet together with the Harvard foundation staff and interns on the first Wednesday of every month during the academic year.