Diversity Trainings and Consultations

Harvard Foundation Interns also offer trainings and consultations to interested Harvard College student organizations and student programs on campus. We offer private diversity consultations with student leaders, as well as trainings for general membership. For the Training and Consultation Specialty Team to tailor the training to match the needs of each interested group, we meet for a preliminary consultation and allocate a minimum two weeks of preparation before moving forward with any training requests.

Please keep in mind that trainings are only available when classes are in session throughout the Fall and Spring semesters of each academic year.


We offer five different training modules, which can be customized as needed:

  1. Intro to Core Diversity Concepts, Definitions, and Language
  2. Supporting First-Year Students From Diverse Backgrounds
  3. Intro to Dialogue and Facilitation for Diverse Groups
  4. Assessing Organizational Culture and Building Practices of Inclusion
  5. Individual Identity Reflection and Sharing


Interested Harvard College student organizations can click the following link Training & Consultation Request Form to request an initial meeting for the 2022-2023 academic year.