Flagship Events

The Harvard Foundation has been hosting relevant programming to enhance the quality of common life for all students at the college for over 40 years. Some programs have been a part of the campus community consecutively for over 30 years. Other programs are much newer and expand the reach of the Foundation to outside communities.These events vary in size, scope, and form. Some of our largest and most visible programs, such as Cultural Rhythms, involve thousands of students, dozens of student groups, collaborations with offices such as the Office for the Arts, the Women's Center, and the BGLTQ+ Center, and visits from world-reknowned artists using their platform for the common good. 

Another Flagship Program that is no longer hosted but lasted for many years was the Science Conference which encouraged learning in the sciences in the Harvard community and beyond.  The conference invited hundreds of school children of diverse backgrounds to Harvard for a day of science, community building with staff and interns, and keynote speakers.

The Foundation has also consistently recognized and honored individuals for their work toward diversity and inclusion, both at a global level, such as the Humanitarian Award Ceremony, and more locally with the Harvard Foundation Aloian Award Ceremony where we recognize students, staff, and faculty for their efforts. The Aloian Award Ceremony has now merged with the Dean of Students Office Student Leadership Awards. In addition to these annual events, the Foundation hosts, collaborates with, and supports over 170 student-led events per year, many through our Student Advisory Committee grants.

Most recently, the Foundation took on the Diversity Dialogues, previously held at the Office for Diversity and Education, which are peer-led dialogues that foster dialogue amongst students on topics related to intercultural and race relations, gender, sexuality, etc. These spaces create the opportunity for students to create community and nuance their perspectives while sharing a good meal. 

If you are curious about the history of our programs, feel free to look through the annual journals which Dr. Counter started in 1982