First Year Retreat Experience (FYRE)

First Year Retreat Experience (FYRE) is a pre-orientation program that aims to provide first-generation, low-income, and underrepresented first-year students with the resources and community to feel supported, celebrated, and ready to take ownership of your Harvard experience. This program spans 4 days in August every year. There are a total of 125 FYRE participants, 30 Team Leaders, 6 steering committee members, and staff who participate and make the program possible. Team Leaders are charged with guiding community building activities, student panels, and more. The Steering Committee works alongside Harvard Foundation Staff throughout the year to create the group of team leaders, schedule programming, market the program, and create a network of Harvard affiliates that can welcome FYRE members into the school year feeling confident and supported. Read more about the FYRE Team by clicking here. 

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