Grant Process

Each year in the fall and spring semesters, the Harvard Foundation distributes grant funding to organizations that comprise the Student Advisory Committee.  Any undergraduate student organzitions officially recognized by Harvard College with a mission of improving race relations and promoting intercultural awareness and understanding may apply to join the Harvard Foundation Student Advisory Committee. 

Once the organization has been voted in as a member of the Student Advisory Committee by a group of peer representatives and Faculty Advisory Committee members, the organization may submit grant applications for programs and projects that enlighten the Harvard community on aspects of race, culture, religion, and ethnicity.  The grant process increasingly supports collaborative efforts across groups (with 20% additional funds for collaborative grants), and strongly encourages our members to consider reaching out to other diverse communities in event planning and grant applications. 

The Harvard Foundation accepts grant applications once per semester.  All complete grant requests received prior to designated deadlines are voted on in a two-stage process.  First, representatives from each of the Student Advisory Committee organizations review the grant applications during a series of grant review sessions.  Under the supervision of the director of the Harvard Foundation and staff, the review process is organized by the Harvard Foundation student officers, who are elected by their peers at the start of each academic year.  The officers and Harvard Foundation staff make every effort to conduct the review the in the most subjective and comprehensive manner possible.  After the Student Advisory Committee reviews all applications, members of the Harvard Foundation Faculty Advisory Committee then review the grant applications.  Final funding totals for each Student Advisory Committee organization are determined, and funding is distributed. 

At the end of each semester, student organizations that recieved grants from the Harvard Foundation are required to submit grant summaries.  A diverse selection of these summaries is included in the biannual Harvard Foundation Journal.