Foundation Student/Faculty Award Ceremony

April 30, 2014

Every year, the Harvard Foundation holds an award ceremony to honor those who have contributed to intercultural and race relations on campus. The awardees include students from a variety of Houses and class years, all working to promote intercultural understanding on campus.  Awardees are selected through nominations from house masters, resident deans, tutors, proctors, faculty, and their peers. This year, we received over 80 nominations and after this careful deliberation and discussion, these final candidates’ names were submitted to the director for approval.

At the start of the event, Harvard Foundation Director Dr. S. Allen Counter welcomed attendees to the Harvard Foundation Awards Ceremony.  Dr. Bruce Price, a member of the Faculty Advisory Committee, delivered the keynote speech.  Student Advisory Committee (SAC) Co-chair Maya Dorje ‘15 provided a summary of the year in review for SAC and its member groups.  She then introduced House Masters Deborah and Lee Gehrke, who welcomed all guests to Quincy House.  

After dinner, Harvard Foundation Director Dr. S. Allen Counter, began the ceremony by honoring faculty and race relations advisors.  

Distinguished Faculty Award: Professor William Gelbart

Race Relations Advisor Award: Jonathan Gramling of Adams House and Tom Wooten of Quincy House

Director’s Award: Asmaa Rimawi ’14

Distinguished Senior Award: Herbert Castillo ’14, Jesse Sanchez ’14, Judy Park ’14, and Leslie Montes ’14

Intern Senior Service Award: Yolanda Borquaye ’14, Soy Kim ’14, Eric Lu ’14, and Bianca Okafor ’14

Insignia Award: Daily Guerrero ’14, Robert Julien ’14, Edward Escalon ’14, Humza Bokhari ’14, Nelida Garcia ’14, Erin Drake ’14, Daniel Lobo ’14, Ariel Churchill ’15, Diana Nguyen ’15, Dorothy Villareal ’15, Tope Agabalogun ’15, Kimiko Matsuda-Lawrence ’16.

Certificate of Recognition: Ezekiel Adigun ’14, Imeime Umana ’14, Joshua Zhang ’14, Louis Cid ’14, Marc Shi ’14, Dora Tao ’14, Harper Sutherland ’14, Lanair Lett ’14, Bex Kwan ’14, Opeoluwa Adebanjo ’15, Christian Ramirez ’15, Ketsia Saint-Armand ‘ 15, Shannen Kim ’15, Michi Ferreol ’15, Constanza Vidal Bustamante ’16, Sarah Cole ’16, Alex Cox ’16, Lana Idris ’16, Yesenia Ortiz ’17, Julia Versel ’17, Karishma Shah ’17, Olivia Castor ’17.

The 2014 Harvard Foundation Awards Ceremony and Aloian Dinner was an inspiring event that recognized the contributions of so many Harvard community members in improving intercultural and race relations. We look forward to seeing the continued work of the awardees, on campus and beyond. Thank you to the Quincy House Masters and staff for their continued support.

Joanne Crandall ‘17