The Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations runs through the hardwork and dedication of many stakeholders such as full-time staff, undergraduate student interns, an undergraduate student advisory board, member student organizations, race relations tutors, a faculty advisory committee, student volunteers, and various campus partners. Our partners include the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion offices which are the Women's Center, the BGLTQ+ Center, the Title IX office, the Center for Public Service, and more. 

Full Time Staff

Sade Abraham, Senior Director, leads the Foundation and the programs that support its commitment to creating a welcoming environment for all members of the College community including First-Generation Low-Income and DACA/Undocumented Student Support, Student Advisory Committee, Race Relations Tutor Support, and support for large flagship events for BIPOC students. Read Sade's bio here!

Matias Ramos, Associate Director, oversees flagship educational programs such as the Scholarship and Social Justice Conference, advances student leadership and development, and drives the strategy for student-led diversity programming efforts by supporting and coaching College students in academic, programming, and diversity matters. He serve as a primary contact for undocumented and DACA students. Read Matias' bio here!

Marvin Baclig, Assistant Director, provides program leadership and support to the portfolio of Harvard Foundation programs by working closely with the Senior and Associate Directors to identify and implement a variety of programs and initiatives that address issues of diversity, inclusion, and belonging on campus. He oversees the Harvard Foundation internship program and First-Year Retreat and Enrichment (FYRE) pre-orientation program. Additionally, he serves as a primary point of support for first-generation, low income, and undocumented/DACA students. Read Marvin's bio here!

Alejandra Rincon, Programming Coordinator, assists the Senior Director in all facets and functions of developing programs, training, and special projects related to creating an inclusive campus community and provides support for diversity programs and initiatives, and supporting undergraduate Harvard Foundation Interns. Read Alejandra's bio here!

Hugo Cardona, Administrative Coordinator, organizes and implements administrative systems and procedures in support of The Foundation while assisting the Director on Correspondences, internal records, event planning and any financial processes. Read Hugo's bio here!

Student Leadership (Employed and Voluntary Capacities)

Harvard Foundation Undergraduate Interns ideate and execute programming for the foundation such as the Diversity Dialogues, Cultural Rhythms, Scholarship and Social Justice Undergraduate Research Conference, and more. Read about our interns here!

Harvard Foundation Student Advisory Committee Board (SAC Board) sponsors events and activities to promote cultural and racial awareness and understanding in the Harvard community to highlight the cultural contributions of students from all backgrounds. They distribute between $60,000-$80,000 in student organization grants every year. The board consists of Co-Chairs, a Finance Manager, Communications Chair, and a Programming Chair. Read about the SAC board here!

Harvard Foundation Student Advisory Committee (SAC) consists of representatives from 90+ student organizations that represent the breadth of diversity at the College. Any undergraduate student organizations officially recognized by Harvard College with a mission of improving race relations and promoting intercultural awareness and understanding may apply to join the Harvard Foundation Student Advisory Committee. 

(First-Year Retreat Experience) FYRE Co-Chairs create a tight-knit community of 180 first-years and 31 Team Leaders during the first two weeks of every year by planning and executing activities and events at the First Year Retreat Experience which is designed to help First-Gen, Low-Income students understand how to navigate their Harvard experience, including topics such as academics, financial aid, social life, health and wellbeing, networking, work study, and other on-campus opportunities. 

First-Generation Low-Income Student Task Group is a budding student program that aims to spread awareness, support, and celebration of Harvard's vibrant community of FGLI students. For more info, email Laila Nasher at and Marvin Baclig at!