Nell Shea

Harvard Foundation Intern
Class of 2020

Nell grew up in central Vermont in a relatively homogenous environment. In high school she joined a diverse community that emphasized the importance of inclusion and equity. There, she learned the important role of being a white ally and became a leader on campus on social justice issues, planning programming and co-teaching a class on race relations. At Harvard, she hopes to normalize and broaden the scope of students who are engaged in dialogue on diversity matters. She is a Social Studies concentrator and loves playing sports and being outside in her free time. 

Layla  Siddig

Layla Siddig

Harvard Foundation Intern
Class of 2019

Layla is a sophomore from Iowa City, IA . She is interested in exploring issues of social justice through an intersectional lens to empower historically marginalized communities. She would like to study international relations/conflict and humanitarian action to approach social justice from a global perspective. Born in Saudi Arabia to a Sudanese immigrant family, Layla is particularly interested in the Middle East and North Africa.