Today, the Foundation is a highly respected and firmly established institution at Harvard, and represents a model for intercultural relations that is currently being adopted by other universities throughout the country.  The Foundation now organizes or funds nearly two hundred programs on campus each year.



The Student Advisory Committee (SAC) has grown to over seventy student organizations, which represent the depth and breadth of student diversity on campus.  Through its grant process, the SAC supports student organizations in their events and initiatives, as well as offering a forum for all students to voice their concerns and ideas to their peers and University officials. 



Our expanded offices in Thayer Basement provide a centralized resource on campus for students, with Foundation staff and interns at hand to offer assistance, guidance, and support to students of all cultures and ethnicities. 


The Foundation has not only focused on expansion, but in finding innovative ways to reach out to students across campus: these include our highly successful Race Relations Tutors and Associaties Program that have brought the Foundation's resources to the freshman dorms and upperclassman houses. 



The Harvard Foundation continues to find better ways of serving the Harvard community through these changing times to improve the quality of our common life.