SAC Grants


The Harvard Foundation Student Advisory Committee (SAC) sponsors events and activities to promote cultural and racial awareness and understanding in the Harvard community and to highlight the cultural contributions of students from all backgrounds.

How To Apply

Submit grants using the our new and improved application via Qualtrics! Click to access the application. 

Do NOT submit an application via the Common App. 

Applications reviewed on a ROLLING BASIS 2020-2021

*see Qualtrics applications for details!

SAC Grant Guidelines

Events must align with the mission of the Harvard Foundation SAC. You must be a SAC member to be eligible for the grant. Events need to be inclusive of everyone in the college and be on campus. Collaborative events co-sponsored by SAC groups will receive a 20% bonus in capped grant amounts, while SAC meeting absences and missing grant summaries will trigger deductions. For detailed guidelines, restrictions, and procedures, please consult the 2020 - 2021 SAC Guide.



Grant Summary

The Harvard Foundation expects each organization to use granted money for the purposes specified in the original grant application. It is also expected that an organization submit a project summary, including all information requested on the Project Summary Guidelines. The organization should fill out the Grant Summary Form no later than the end of the semester.

If an event does not occur, the organization is expected to return all granted funds to the Harvard Foundation. The organization will be requited to submit a grant summary for the cancelled event, with the description of the event being "event cancelled."

If an organization has insufficient records of legitimate expenditures or does not submit a project summary, funding for that organization will be reduced by 50%. Checks will not be available until the Harvard Foundation receives confirmation from your faculty advisor that your organization has been in contact with him or her regarding this semester's events.