Student Organizations

Student organizations who would like to get support and resources from the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations could apply to be a part of the Student Advisory Committee. The Student Advisory Committee consists of representatives from 90+ student organizations that represent the breadth of diversity at the College. It is led by the Student Advisory Board. 

The Student Advisory Board is a student group elected to fulfill the mission of the Foundation by being a liasion between student organizations, staff, and faculty. The group consists of the co-chairs, finance chair, communications chair, and programming chair. They all work together throughout the school year to ensure that student organizations get their needs met through the grant application process.

  • The Student Advisory Committee Co-Chairs influence the vision for the Student Advisory Committee by overseeing the creation of content for monthly meetings, crafting the mission statement for the SAC, running meetings, attending President’s Dinners, and serving as liaisons between the Faculty Advisory Committee and the Student Advisory Committee.
  • The Finance Chair organizes and screens grant applications, distributing $50,000 in funds to 90+ affinity groups across campus. 
  • The Communications Chair manages the Breakfast project, SAC meeting notes, the SAC Board email account, sends out reminders for meetings, manages the mailing list, creates SAC meeting agendas, takes SAC board meeting notes, and is responsible for re-registration.
  • The programming chair ensures that the SAC board and its organizations are organizing relevant programs.

For questions regarding SAC membership, grant payments, etc. please email To learn more about this year's board, visit our people page. 

Any undergraduate student organizations officially recognized by Harvard College with a mission of improving race relations and promoting intercultural awareness and understanding may apply to join the Harvard Foundation Student Advisory Committee.

If a student organization applies and is voted into the committee by a group of peer representatives and Faculty Advisory Committee members, the organization may submit grant applications for programs and projects that enlighten the Harvard community on aspects of race, culture, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. There are two grant cycles which happen in the Fall and the Spring. Stay updated on the opening and closing application dates by signing up for our newsletter and following us on instagram.

As members of the Student Advisory Committee, student organizations are expected to have representation at the monthly SAC meetings. These meetings foster community among student leaders, provide problem-solving for any relevant issues, get questions answered, and networking with Harvard Foundation staff, interns & associated faculty.

In addition to grants, student organizations can set up advising meetings with our staff to talk through project management, request diversity training, seek help with room bookings, and more.

Grants for Student Organizations

The Harvard Foundation Student Advisory Committee (SAC) sponsors events and activities by awarding grants to organizations that promote cultural and racial awareness and understanding in the Harvard community and that highlight the cultural contributions of students from all backgrounds. Deadlines are made available at the beginning of every semester. 

apply for a sac grant


SAC Grant Guidelines

Events must align with the mission of the Harvard Foundation SAC.  This year, you do not need to be a SAC member to apply for funding. However, SAC member orgs will be given priority in the grant funding process. SAC sponsored events must be inclusive of everyone in the college and be on campus. Collaborative events co-sponsored by SAC groups will receive a 20% bonus in capped grant amounts. SAC meeting absences and missing grant summaries will trigger deductions. For detailed guidelines, restrictions, and procedures, please consult the 2022 - 2023 SAC Guide. 

All College student organizations need to complete a one time set up for Zelle with the Harvard University Vendor Services, we recommend working with your treasurer to confirm if your group is already set up for electronic payments or to start the set up process before you finish applying for a grant. Grant checks will now be issued as an exception, not as standard practice. Please review the Zelle set up instructions.

Grant Summary

The Harvard Foundation expects each organization to use granted money for the purposes specified in the original grant application. It is also expected that an organization submit a project summary, including all information requested on the Project Summary Guidelines. This form will be sent out to organizations after receipt of grant funding from the Harvard Foundation. The organization is required to fill out this form no later than the end of the semester (Dec 19th). 

If an event does not occur, the organization is expected to return all granted funds to the Harvard Foundation. The organization will be required to submit a grant summary for the cancelled event, with the description of the event being "event cancelled."

If an organization has insufficient records of legitimate expenditures or does not submit a project summary, funding for that organization will be reduced by 50%. Checks will not be available until the Harvard Foundation receives confirmation from your faculty advisor that your organization has been in contact with him or her regarding this semester's events.

Student Advisory Committee Member Organizations

Africa Business and Investment Club

Asian American Dance Troupe

Asian American Women's Association

Asian Student Arts Project

Association of Black Harvard Women

Ballet Folklorico de Aztlan

Black Men's Forum

Black Students' Association


Canadian Club

Chinese Music Ensemble

Concilio Latino de Harvard

Cuban American Undergraduate Student Association


Fuerza Latina

Generational African American Students Association

Global China Connection

Harvard African Students' Association

Harvard Bhangra Dance Company

Harvard Bulgarian Club

Harvard Catholic Student Association

Harvard College Act on a Dream Club

Harvard College Bolivian Association

Harvard College Dominican Students Association

Harvard College Hellenic Society

Harvard College Iranian Association

Harvard College Irish Dancers

Harvard College Latinos in Health Careers

Harvard College PRIMUS

Harvard College Queer Student and Allies

Harvard College Sangeet

Harvard College Students for Bangladesh

Harvard Eritrean and Ethiopian Student Association

Harvard Francophone Society

Harvard Haitian Alliance

Harvard Half Asian People's Association

Harvard Hillel

Harvard Islamic Society

Harvard Japan Initiative

Harvard Japan Society

Harvard Korean Students Association

Harvard Organization for Latin America

Harvard Premedical Society

Harvard Radcliffe RAZA

Harvard SHADE

Harvard Society of Arab Students

Harvard Society of Black Scientists and Engineers

Harvard South Asian Dance Company

Harvard Taekwondo

Harvard Taiwanese Cultural Society

Harvard Thai Society

Harvard Undergraduate Brazilian Association

Harvard Vietnamese Association

Harvard-Radcliffe Asian American Association

Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students Association

Holoimua O Hawaii

Hong Kong Society

La Organizacion de Puertoriquenos en Harvard

Latinas Unidas de Harvard College

Lebanese Club

Mariachi Veritas de Harvard

Nativs at Harvard College

Nigerian Students Association



Palestinian Solidarity Committee

Philippine Forum

Singapore, Indonesian, And Malaysian Association

South Asian Men's Collective

South Asian Students Association


Soulfood Christian Fellowship

The Kuumba Singers of Harvard College

Turkish Student Association

Under Construction

United World Club at Harvard

Woodbridge International Society